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Welcome to Al Dalil Medical Center where luxury meets the professional care through our latest state-of-the art and science facilities providing expert diagnosis and care.

We at Al Dalil Medical Center are proud to be one of the nation’s premier centers for excellence in clinical care for the whole family at affordable rates without compromising the quality of healthcare DELIVERED.  OFFERING the best possible health services, far beyond the typical medical centers, a luxurious, patient-centered, integrated, caring environment plus high-standard of sterilization and infection control, providing our patients with friendly, welcoming and well experienced health care providers.

About us

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Al Dalil Medical Center is a private dental care institution established in 2014 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, to serve the community with special and comprehensive rehabilitation, which combines high level of services with skills of specialists in dentistry.
In Al Dalil Medical Center we keep the most rigid standards of dental procedures, we monitor the quality and safety of all services.
Our main aim is the special dental care which we can provide thanks to the above standard equipment and facilities and pleasant environment of our clinic. Our patients are always important to us, we prefer a kind, individual approach and sufficient information, high standard services without waiting and non-stop access to dental care.

The mission of Al Dalil Medical Center is to provide the very best care for our patients. We are dedicated to enhance excellence in patient care for the diverse communities of the Sharjah City, now and in the future.



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